Sessions Overview

Engaged Learning in Data Analytics

Join us at PASS BA Day on October 3, 2017, for a day of focused learning from speakers who are experts in leveraging analytics to solve business problems. Discover real world predictive analytics and data storytelling best practices you can put to work immediately. Select from the Advanced Analytics or Data Visualization focused tracks for a deep dive into the topic.

Advanced Analytics
Applied Data Science in a World of
Big Data

Dean Abbott, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, SmarterHQ

As the world of data expands, data science is becoming more challenging to understand, pushing this job function to become an essential role in business now more than ever before. As organizations collect and process more and more data, turning these data lakes into actionable decisions creates obstacles for even the most forward-looking companies. This full-day, intermediate workshop covers data science in depth, compares it with related analytics disciplines, and unpacks key algorithms and approaches to help attendees stay competitive in this field.


In this session, we will cover the following:

Data science within a project-oriented framework.

    o  Defining analytics' objectives

    o  Collecting and integrating data

    o  Preparing the data for analyses

    o  Building machine learning models

    o  Deploying the results

Session Goals

By the end of the session, attendees will be able to build a project-oriented framework. Whether the end-goal of the project is reporting, visualization, descriptive modeling, or predictive modeling, the same principles apply. Real-world examples and exercises will demonstrate each step of the process.

Level of Expertise

Session Prerequisites
Basic statistics; experience with data (BI, SQL queries, or statistics) very helpful.  

Session Requirements
Prior to the workshop, please download and install the KNIME open source software (

Data Visualization
Telling Compelling Stories Using Data to Achieve Business Goals

Anne Legg, Founder, THRIVETM Strategic Services

The beauty of working with data is how dynamic it is in the way it acts, reacts, and connects with other data, and provides valuable insights to business problems. On the other hand, the most difficult part is focusing on the story it tells you, and then sharing that story with others to help them make better decision to set and reach their business goals.


- Developing a narrative

- Elements of effective storytelling

    o  Defining your audience

    o  Framing the story

  •  How does the data answer the research objective?
  •  How does the data help/hinder/explain a business condition or process?

- Data visualization
    o   Definition
    o   Commonly used tools for displaying: maps, text, data, behavior/emotion
    o   How to use them to tell your data’s story

- Using a narrative to support better business decisions
    o   Identifying champions and detractors
    o   Building collaboration

- Case study: transforming big data into a customer decision journey   

- Small group work application
    o   Participants will receive agnostic business problems with data output to:
          1.      Identify the BI
          2.      Frame the story
          3.      Select the appropriate data visualization for the narrative and audience
          4.      Practice basic storytelling
          5.      Identify additional audiences for setting business goals and to allow them to make better decisions to achieve their goals

Session Goals
By the end of the one-day session, attendees will gain the following knowledge:

- Understand how to leverage their data into narratives to best share insights/intelligence on business problems
-  Gain clarity of commonly used data visualization tools and techniques
-  Understand how to leverage these narratives for better decision-making to achieve business goals

Level of Expertise

Session Prerequisites
Able to embrace data visualization techniques for use in developing business narratives.

Session Requirements
Attendees should have broad understanding of their organization, its mission, and how data is used, and consumed to make business decisions.

Familiarity with Prezi (a cloud based dynamic presentation solution) would be great, but not necessary. Free trial available here.

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