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SolidQ has the largest concentration of advanced Microsoft SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytical expertise in any company in the world apart from Microsoft. We help clients world-wide, ranging from medium sized businesses to some of the world’s largest global organizations.

Our professional consulting services empower you to achieve long-term success by developing solutions that align to your business and analytical goals in the required timeframes. We offer flexible consulting approaches that are customized to meet a client’s unique technology and business environment while employing a standard implementation methodology.

SentryOne provides your complete performance monitoring and optimization solution for the Microsoft Data Platform. 

Be it physical, virtual, or in the cloud, SentryOne provides unparalleled insight into SQL Server, Analysis Services, Analytics Platform System, Azure SQL DB and Data Warehouse, and more. Access all of your environment from a common user interface with consistent features and functionality.

Easily jump between performance dashboards, event calendars, and query tuning without switching applications. A central monitoring service gathers data from all environments, minimizing potential overhead and providing easy administration, alerting, and optimization.

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